Travel Highway : Anuradha and Harsha Kulkarni

Q1.How would you describe 'Travel Highway' in under 50 words?

TravelHighway aims at easing the weekend woes of "Where to go?" by providing a curated database of travel destinations for the user. This list of places could also be sorted based on the type of activity or getaway. Each destination holds as much information about the place as possible.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

Just me and my husband. We are planning to expand our team soon.

Q3.How did you acquire your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

Since our service is information for our users, it has been a never ending learning curve for us. The information has been carefully planned and curated for our users to help them ease their travel planning.

Q4.Who is your typical customer?

Our typical user is someone who is planning a trip nearby his/her city (or even within the city). They can select the duration, kind of getaway and the distance they are willing to travel for the same.

Q5.If you could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?

A general piece of advice that I would like to give is, if you are not spending anything, you won't be getting anything back. Be it your focus, effort, courage and the ability to accept failure.

Q6.Who do you see as your target audience?

Since TravelHighway belongs to a travel domain, we can target a wide range of audience. So that means users who are planning a trip, working youth, college students, families and even senior citizens.

Q7.How did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

The idea kept coming to us while not being able to find a site that focused on a travel destination rather than pre-planned packages that doesn't cater to all kinds of travelers and particularly those like us who are willing to plan the itinerary on their own.Like I mentioned, the websites right now cater to a different problem than what TravelHighway is trying to solve (or rather ease). TravelHighway's focus is a travel destination and everything that associates with it.

Q8.What are the future plans for growth?

To expand the database exponentially to help travelers all over the country and hopefully world. To optimize the database further and add more value to the user via various helpful features.

Q9.What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

I would say minor hurdles as opposed to a single big one. Nothing too different than what startups usually face in their initial stages. Mostly it has been related to increasing the quality of what we offer and also the incoming traffic to our site.

Q10.What is your one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Don't worry about whether you have got it in you to become an entrepreneur or not. Just give your idea a try and give it your best possible. If things don't work out, you can always go back to where you were but you can't kick back the regret that comes along few years down the lane if you didn't even give it a chance.

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