Themis: Nibhrant Shah

Q1.How would you describe Themis in under 50 words?

Themis works with early stage companies, SME’s, MNC’s and International Companies entering India, in handling key backend operations such as Accounting, Taxation, Compliance and Reporting. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs focus on their core-competencies and take tangible business decisions based on the data provided by us.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

Nibhrant Shah: Founder & CEO Prior to founding Themis, Nibhrant worked as an Investment Banker in New York and London. Nibhrant has a B.A in Economics from Northwestern University (Kellogg School of Business). Along with Themis, Nibhrant also runs Isprava, a leading player in the Indian holiday-home market.

Zoeb Bulsara: COO Zoeb is a highly accomplished professional with an excellent track record in guiding the design & delivery to position organisations for advanced growth. His process-oriented leadership roles at organisations like TCS & WNS have helped him consistently create infrastructure & streamline operations resulting in enhanced efficiency, & improved operational excellence.Our team comprises certified and experienced Chartered Accountants and Accounting executives who have a very diverse experience handling over 450 clients with us, across multiple sectors ranging from e-commerce to manufacturing and trading.

Q3.What is your work style?

We actually embed ourselves and act as a client’s Accounting/HR/CS team, thereby making the need to hire or rely on expensive recruits redundant. We give them the intelligence they need to help close the Build - Measure - Learn loop on various aspects of their business. These could be as diverse, as research on understanding which market is best suited to their product to making sure employees are delivering on their KRA & KPI’s.

Q4.Who is your typical customer?

We work with clients from various sectors such as manufacturing, e-commerce, education, real estate, food processing, healthcare, retail spaces and startups who need support and advisory for their businesses.

Q5.How did you come across this idea? What was missing from the current solutions that you are seeking to fix?

We realized that there was a crying need for start-up support services. This led to the founding of Themis. Themis is very different as it looks at bringing a “Big 4” experience to the SME & Startup sector- the idea is to create a reliable & professional service that adds value to our clients to help turn non-core activities that are traditionally looked at as cost centers or compliances into key operations that churn tangible data that can be used by business owners to take key decisions.

Q6.What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned while running Themis?

The customer is always right. Of course they’re not; sometimes they get things very wrong. Regardless, customers are generally the key to your business success and you are responsible for their perception of your business and services and of course – their perception is their reality.

Q7.How much time do you spend working on Themis on an average day?

Typically 10-12 hours

Q8.What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

Standardizing delivery and ensuring we are working with the right talent is a challenge that we face till date. Since we are a people driven solution ensuring we have the best talent is always difficult due to the employability gap in India. We do charge a slight premium compared to our competitors as we provide a differentiated service and customer experience getting customers to buy this when cheaper alternatives were available was difficult in the initial days but it has gotten easier as we have had the chance to better our service and deliver value to our customers.

Q9.Who do you see as your target audience?

Our focus is the SME and Family office market in India. The idea is to help these organizations derive business value from their non-core yet essential operations such as Accounting, Finance & Compliance. We currently work with over 450 clients in 18 sectors and 5 cities.

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