The Paperless Postcards : Bistriti Poddar

Q1.How would you describe The Paperless Postcards in 50 words?

Touted as the country’s first creative social community of non fiction conversations with an engagement rate of 10-11% as compared to the industry standards of 6%, Paperless Postcards is one of the most loved hubs. We have collaborated with mega brands like Star World Premiere, Teach for India, TVF and been to the biggest business and engineering colleges for seminars. Paperless Postcards reaches out to 2 million people and clocks 5 million impressions per week.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

The founder, Bistriti Poddar, holds over 6 years of extensive experience in content marketing. She’s defined by her thought leadership. The rest of the team comprises of writers, designers, digital ninjas, data scientists, brand propagators and filmmakers. The youngest writer on board is 18 year old.

Q3. How did you come up with such a creative idea?

We realized the content on the cyber space was either frivolous or intimidating. It was time to fill that void and give the social audience something better to connect with. People deserved to consume better content. Paperless Postcards intends to inspire and impact lives through its conversations that carry meaningful life lessons. We believe, nonfiction pegs powered by inspiration are more relatable and exciting than fiction. Besides, these conversations designed on exclusive postcard templates have got us a major brand positioning. It’s not just a creative idea, but a well thought through creative disruption that’s gotten us major fan following and made us a tremendously popular brand in a year’s time.

Q4.What kind of messages/wishes can one send?

We screen close to 200 fan entries per week. And feature the best conversations on our page.

Q5.What is that one thing which has been attracting your customer about Paperless Postcards?

Content and design!

Q6.What are the problems you faced while building up this company?

Since it’s entirely bootstrapped because we aspire to create a self-sustainable brand, it’s been quite tough on the financial front. Besides, creating a premium base of followers has been challenging too. But, we look at all this as a learning curve.

Q7.What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned while running Paperless Postcards?

If your cause is greater, the consequence will take care of itself. Paperless Postcards’ cause is to create impact!

Q8.What is your message to entrepreneur aspirants?

Your degree of success depends on how comfortable you are with the idea of being uncomfortable! Entrepreneurship is nothing but an attitude!

Q9.If you could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?

More than having passion, have the courage to follow it!

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