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Q1.How would you describe Oizom in 50 words?

Oizom is into Environmental Monitoring Solutions. We have hardware-software ecosystem to monitor various parameters of the environment like Particulates, Toxic Gases, Vehicular Pollution, Radiation, Light, UV, Noise, Odour etc. We have solutions customised primarily for Smart-City Infrastructure and Industrial Monitoring. On the data side, they have multiple visualisations platforms i.e Data-analytics platform, open-data-platform, Mobile App and Secured APIs Access for third-party hardware-software integration.


Q2.What kind of environmental solutions does Oizom provide?

Current Air-Quality Monitoring Solution is not Scalable and Sustainable because of Exorbitant Cost, Space Occupation, Energy Consumption and Heavy Operation Cost. As a solution, Polludrone is a fully solar powered low-cost ambient air-quality monitor. It fits in existing infrastructure (retrofit) and does not occupy any space and man power. By installing Polludrones, the government authorities and smart cities will have a dense network of data points which will give them a pollution map of the city. Based on which they can take relevant infrastructure and policy level changes.

Q3.What was the basic idea and how did you develop it?

Being a part of the maker community, we used to discuss about the professional projects whenever we meetup. We all use to work on novel concepts and products to make some difference to some people or problem. But we were always keen to solve much bigger problem. A problem, which applies to everyone; irrespective of gender, location, cast, breed anything! We had a ‘Life Centric’ approach in mind. Something relevant to humans, animals, birds, plants and mother earth. In short “We wanted to make the world ACTUALLY a better place”.

We came down to the fundamental basics of life that is Air, Water and Food. We do not consider air-quality as a problem as we cannot see Air. Thus ’Making air visible through technology’ became our first agenda. Air-diagnostic Product came into our first agenda. We started conceptualizing Air-diagnostic Products for every possible scenarios. Oizom has personal, indoor and outdoor air-quality monitors developed and market ready.

Q4.Can you tell us more about your products?

Oizom Polludrone is a cost effective Air Quality Monitor. Being compact in size polludrones can be mounted on electricity poles and require no man efforts to operate.

Key features of our product: ● Real time Data ● No manpower required ● Solar powered ● Cost effective ● Smart reports ● Smart analytics ● Forecast and prediction features ● Trend study using historical data

Q5.Who is your target audience?

Smart City execution companies, Government bodies like city municipal corporations, pollution control boards, department of industries, department of tourism, wildlife conservation department etc. are our potential customers. In addition NGOs working in the area of environment, corporates and industries are also our potential customers.

Q6.What are your future products which would create a big difference in environment protection?

The current problem is people do not know how polluted their environment is and that is the prime reason why they are reluctant in taking measures to control it. Once the data about pollution is open to the public it shall trigger them to take actions to control the environment. Oizom aspires to emerge as an environmental big data company we have begun with Air we envisage to monitor Water and Soil also in the future.

Q7.Tell us more about the Oizom app?

Air Quality India application provides you with Real-time Air quality data from all across India. The data has been measured as per the standard norms are given by Central Pollution Control Board of India. Air Quality India App shows air quality based on the following parameters:

Particulate matter and particulate microns (PM 2.5 and PM10)The hazardous and polluting gases in the atmosphere. Gases like CO, CO2, SOx, Nox, So2, No2.Humidity and temperature of the atmosphere.

Q8.Any message to save environment?

We need to create an ecosystem where we can keep the Earth as it is or better than we found it.

Q9.What is your message for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

Focus on your product and idea everything else will fall in its place.

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