Memcorp Immersive learning : Mohsin Memon

Q1.How would you describe Memcorp Immersive learning?

Memcorp is Asia’s first company to provide immersive learning solutions for training and development industry. We enable change in individuals through process of realization. Since our inception in 2009 we have our footprint in local and international markets penetrating across various industries.

We have successfully managed to build engaging customized immersive games and new technologies like the virtual reality and augmented reality which helps in more involvement, increasing productivity at workplace and creates a great positive impact on businesses across the globe. We are redefining the education system by rectifying the loop holes and changing the way people learn. Memcorp Immersive learning is empowering leadership to meet their personal and professional goals by motivating them to thrive and perform their best through various strategic games.

We help bring people to a competitive edge, career progression and market opportunity. Our reputed clientele consist of brands like JLT, Group M, Motorola, Reliance, GEM etc… to name a few.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

Memcorp immersive learning was my idea. But like any great business, good products are only possible with a strong and supportive team to work on those ideas alongside.

Q3.How does Memcorp work?

Memcorp Immersive learning is a company which believes in non-hierarchical model where there is complete transparency between members of the team. This helps in freedom of speech, creativity, sharing of thoughts and ideas, better brainstorming sessions, communication within the team, execution of tasks, accountability and also the team is more engaged and willing to perform. Each department highlights and makes aware how their actions have a direct or indirect impact on the overall performance of the company.

Memcorp’s team is committed in providing excellent services to our clients. We don’t believe in stressful work hours instead we believe in smart working hours where we have happy satisfied employee’s with great positive approach towards work. Every employee in Memcorp has KRA’s which are not restricted to just companies goals but it is extended to personal goals as well, this makes our employees have more trust in us and builds a friendly happy workspace environment. We're a next gen organization. We work remotely and take pride in diversity. We are an organization that emphasises on personal growth and development of our people, because we believe when our people grow, we grow.

Q4.What is an Immersive learning technology? And how does it differ from other technologies?

Immersive technology, to us is a thought-process before anything else. we believe in building tech that has the ability in immerse people within it. Whether it's the game-play or a VR sequence. it needs to have 2 critical elements that make it immersive. Contextual - makes the environment something that the viewer/player can relate to, composite - enables several things to happen simultaneously.

Q5.How did you approach to the big companies like Reliance commercial finance, Pfizer etc?

It's a matter of belief in your own products. We believe in our games so much so that we use them for our own development. This makes it's easier to approach larger organizations because we believe in our solutions.

Q6.What challenges you faced while setting up the Memcorp?

Challenges were not only at the stage of setting up the business. Infact that's the easy part of the 100% of people that set up a company, 89% of them fail to keep it afloat for more than 2 years. Memcorp has been functioning and growing for the last 6 years. What's allowed Memcorp to do that is our ability to look perceive opportunities and new markets as and when they emerge. This is what has because there to be a total of 4 versions of Memcorp. What we do today is very different from what we did 2 years ago. But what remains as the unchangeable core is why we do what we do: To make a positive difference in the lives of people.

Q7.What are your company values?

Our values are an integral part of the company as these values are the main belief system of the entire Memcorp team. Our values consist of:

Passion: Passion is the music of life, it's the string to a guitar, the fuel to an engine, It's what makes the clock tick, it's the starting point of anything great. The fabric of excellence and the one thing we hold so very important to ourselves. Every member of Memcorp is fueled by passion. We don't have set hours of operations, we don't work from a single office space, we don't work Monday to Friday, we don't have bosses but we get things done and we build incredible products. And the reason we believe we've able to do this is because we're passionate about what we do.

Honesty: We believe in honesty. Each day we attempt to live life with honesty in everything we do. This allows us to create a transparent work environment where every member of Memcorp feels comfortable to share their views about what's enabling/derailing them from performing with passion.It is our effort to bring this honesty into our relationship with you. Now, we'd also be the first to tell you that it's not easy -especially in cases when 'being honest' means we might lose a sale. But we've learned to fight that temptation because we'd rather lose money than your trust.

Integrity: "It's not just about doing things right. It's about doing the right things." We've heard and read that way too often. It has been our endeavor to give meaning to this meaning. We've asked ourselves questions like: what does integrity mean in action?

What it means to us is to give ethical meaning to the game mechanics in the games we design. Like life, in our games you can't get away with lying, stealing and cheating. Easier said than done, we've spent countless hours rattling our heads to figure out how to build games that have integrity because we believe they have the power to even change one's belief system

Respect: Respect for every member that works in the organization. To us respect is not a word, it's an action. It means showing up on time and keeping the promises we make. We bring this same respect in our relationship with you. This means respecting your resources, your values, the commitments we make and the deadlines we set.

Justice: We believe in fairness -in all situations. To us it's not just about following rules or processes we create, it's about doing what's right for each individual because each situation is unique in it's own way and a blanket process may establish equality but it surely doesn't do justice.

Similarly, we bring this value in everything we do. In every game we build and every new client we meet, we bring a fresh perspective because you and your requirements are equally unique and the only way we know to bring true value to you is by being just.

Q8.Who are your target audience?

We are currently catering to 2 major sectors the corporates and the education industry. Our target audience for the corporate sector is the CXO, CEO’s, VP’s, L&D heads, Members of Leadership and Management teams of the Fortune 500 and our target audience for the education industry are the students of all age groups.

Q9.Can you tell us more about “EVΔLVE” game?

EVΔLVE is a semi virtual reality engaging gameplay for leadership development. It is Asia’s first Immersive Learning Game with a track record of creating instantaneous behavioral change in leaders from organizations like Motorola, Standard Chartered, Warner Bros and many many more.

EVΔLVE is a game that surfaces counter- productive behavior and enables ‘next level’ thinking for organizations that want to evolve. The game is designed to maximize and increase your IQ and EQ. It challenges your existing paradigms and enables discovery of new thought-processes and vantage points that you didn’t know existed. The game is a platform in which participants undergo discovery and reflection that open pathways leading to productive and empowering behaviors; not only at the individual level but also at the team & system level.

The story line of EVΔLVE is based on an end-of-times scenario, where the air will turn to methane in the next 365 days. The protagonists must find ways to become methanites, mankind with ability to breathe methane. To EVΔLVE, they must find enough Movilennium, the key ingredient to complete the genetic experiment to be methanites. It is a very simple yet complex game with an inside out approach where the participants have to be totally involved in the gameplay and perform 3 easy steps which is Harvest,Trade and Mine.

The entire game-play is dependent on the decisions made by the team - a decision made at the onset of the game has the potential to impact the way in which the entire game unfolds. The game presents tougher challenges as the protagonists struggle to collect more Movilennium, in the mission to EVΔLVE .

EVΔLVE has helped companies with:

● Breaking away from old paradigms of thinking and come up with ground-breaking strategies that make competitors a thing of the past.

● Enabling peak performance in your team by connecting with your millennials and turning them into an asset rather than a liability

● Understanding what it takes to create an engaging workplace where each person works everyday towards the main organizational goal – those one or two things that absolutely positively must get done before the end of the year if you are to come out on top.


● Virtual Reality

● Real-time Multiplayer Game Play

● Applied Behavioral Science for Behavioral Analysis and Development

The KEY TAKEAWAYS of this gameplay are - (8 REASONS TO EVΔLVE)

1. Improve Strategic planning skills 2. Enhance Resource management skills 3. Learn to Operate in a chaotic situation 4. Become more Agile and Adaptive in handling crisis 5. Increase Effectiveness by doing the right things 6. Solve complex problems from various perspectives 7. Develop Trust and mobilize a team 8. Manage Politics, egos and emotions (in communication)

Q10.What are your future plans?

Memcorp wants to become for the learning and development industry what boeing is for the airline industry.

Q11.What is your message for inspiring young generation of entrepreneurs?

Don't quit and learn to use failure as a stepping stone to help you bounce back higher. You'll surprise yourself when you stop and think about what you did wrong and resolve to do it better the second time.

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