Actofit : Pratik Saraogi

Q1.How would you describe Actofit in under 50 words?

Wearable tech startup that builds core technologies in hardware & software to provide end-user workout fitness trackers which auto identify exercises in the gym using machine learning algorithms and biosensing technologies to automatically compile workout logs, allowing fitness enthusiasts to compare, evaluate and make insightful data-driven decisions, to optimize performance.

Q2.Who is the team behind your venture?

To make this wonderful idea come to fruition, we have a very capable Team which includes members from marquee schools such as IIT, Purdue, Rochester, CoEP, and certified fitness trainers, world class engineers, mathematics experts, algorithm developers, data scientists, programmers, designers, production experts, and college dropouts.

Q3.How long did it take to put together the initial version?

Took us about 1 year to make the first prototype. We’ve had plenty of iterations and refinements while going through the Design for manufacturing stage.

Q4.How did you acquire your first customers and what has been the learning along the way?

We acquired our first paying customers from Indiegogo, which is a hardware preorder platform.We’ve learnt user experience play just as important a role as the core functionality of the products.

Q5.Many people buy gym memberships and similar but then fail to keep up,how does your product ensure sustained motivation?

The gym industry has remained traditionally static for a number of decades now. Research shows 2/3rd of the gym members don't go to the gym 3 or more times a week. This industry has worked on the underlying principle relying mostly on our willpower to push ourselves and achieve our goals. Gyms are therefore, always looking for new ways to add value to the client environment by entering the digital world & integration of technology; members have looked at acquiring these technologies to maintain their motivation levels and gain satisfying results.

Actofit Wearables can be a game changer for enhancing this experience. With our analytics tool, we’ve got a complete log that the user (or his trainer) can see on what he has been doing or not doing. This is as advanced and allows the viewer to go as deep down or get an aerial view on performance. Currently trainers log all data manually on charts and compare and analyze that to figure out what is working vs what is not. Actofit automates the entire logging process as well as the entire analysis process.

Q6.How long did it take you to build company?

We officially built the company in May 2015 as soon as we had our first prototype out.

Q7.What is the biggest hurdle you have faced or are still facing?

Hardware was a big hurdle we had faced. We are pretty set in hardware now, but during the early days hardware was definitely a challenge.

Q8.Who do you see as your target audience?

We are targeting the market that goes to the gym 3 or more times a week. Anyone who is living an active lifestyle and does not believe that 10k steps define his fitness, is our target audience.

Q9.If you could only give one piece of advice, what would it be?

I would say that God / Nature gave us beautiful bodies. A fit body leads to better presentability, health, confidence, success, happiness, pretty much everything. There is no doubt we all realize the value of this, but we need to spend better efforts taking good care of it. With Actofit we aim to inspire / motivate / lead you and incentivize you to be accountable for leading and living a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Q10.What was technically the most challenging part of developing product?

Our data science that processes all the motion to provide meaningful predictions and analytics is the most crucial part of our solution and this is where we’ve spent most of our time in.

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